Mission Statement

Blu Marine Service is a well-established and efficient company, working in national and international sectors of managing, improving and protecting the natural environment.

The scientific and technical ability, the competence and high professionalism, the equipment and instruments, form a resource that Blu Marine Serviceoffers to administrators and businesses, both in Public and Private Research organisations at a local and regional level.

Blu Marine Service successfully operates in a number of different sectors: the maritime environment and marine biology; coastal management; environmental and landscape engineering; fishing and marine culture; tourism; and the provision of monitoring and analytical services for managing the research studies.

Furthermore, in recent years Blu Marine Servicehas also engaged in the applied research sectors and non-competitive development together with its national and international partners.

Blu Marine Service is, therefore, a growing company up-to-date with new scientific, technological and cultural breakthroughs. Indeed, the environment is seen as a dynamic system to protect and manage, physically, naturally and anthropologically.

The unique team at Blu Marine Service brings together experts in the fields of biology, engineering, consulting,  the environmental management and certification, and other specialist fields. 

Operating with a high degree of competence and professionalism, the multidisciplinary team works closely together to successfully meet every challenge facing the company.