Atlante Project


The Blue Marine Service is a reality of young people founded by professionals with proven experience. The company operates in the field of management, enhancement and protection of tourism-environment-marine. The Blue Marine Service means the environment as a dynamic system to protect and enhance the whole physical, natural, manmade, travel.

The company has interests in protecting the marine environment, integrated management and protection of the coastline, tourism promotion, providing services for the study, monitoring and analysis, aimed at planning and management of interventions.

The highly professional expertise, equipment and instruments, which are the heritage Blue Marine Service offers to administrations and public and private research institutions, structures and local and regional businesses.


The protection of coastal and marine environment in general, its traditions and its culture, are the goal that the Blue Marine Service wants to pursue and develop through the implementation of projects and activities.

The Society aims to promote environmental sustainability of marine resources that is coming to ecological stability through the enhancement of eco-economy. The Blue Marine Service is active also in the fields of applied research and pre-competitive development in the context of national and international projects and partnerships. The sustainable use of marine resources, represents a synthesis between the need for conservation and profitability is realized by integrating traditional local activities with the most innovative production models


In collaboration with the Fondazione Cetacea Onlus in which the Blue Marine Service is cooperating in several projects, was released a species of sea turtle "caretta caretta" called Atlas, October 21, 2010 from the beach promenade of San Benedetto del Tronto. Other times have been released turtles into the waters Sambenedettese after the recovery period at the Hospital of the turtles that the Foundation manages cetacean. This release occurred in a manner and content different and more interesting.

The Blue Marine Service in a perspective of collaboration with the Fondazione Cetacea and with the aim of promoting research and sustainability of the marine environment, has bought a satellite transmitter that has been applied in Atlanta. The Fondazione Cetacea in collaboration with the University of Pisa will acquire all the information received from the satellite in relation to the movement of the turtle.

The transmitter has an approximate duration of over one year and will come off over time without creating discomfort to the animal. Data will be compiled and sent periodically by the Foundation to Cetacea Blue Marine Service for their disclosure. Monitoring data to help scientific research in the environmental field. Event of liberation have taken over 42 classes, about 750 children in primary schools of the municipalities of San Benedetto del Tronto, Groton and Cupra Marittima.

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The organization of the event has had a major contribution of the Navy League of San Benedetto del Tronto and volunteers of the Friends of the bilge, the Port of San Benedetto del Tronto left the nucleus to ensure the safety of the underwater section of the reef in front of the beach and making interesting movies of liberation. He contributed to the project with a contribution Banca Marche Spa


In addition to the data needed for scientific research, the Blue Marine Service will perform in the schools of St. Benedict, Groton and Cupra Marittima participating in the project, courses and educational interventions geared to the project. Teaching will be divided into more moments along the way that the turtle will turn in the Adriatic and probably in the Mediterranean.

Since the liberation, his movements in Italy and the Mediterranean, will be organized events of various kinds, illustrating the location of the animal but also the territories so that it will cross to join the science to geography and history using as a guideline ecology.

All of these initiatives in 2010, mostly centered in Biodiversity achieve the objectives of raising awareness, culture, and respect for the environment.

Learning activities are also aimed at creating awareness for the Marine Park of Piceno, on discussions on environmental issues.